“World News Tonight” 1978 – 1996 Theme


This is the teletype theme that was for World News Tonight in its early days. In 1980 World News Tonight stopped using this theme as its main theme, but they used it until 1996 as bumper to commercials and for News Briefs. It’s the first electronic news theme on network television. Electronic music became popular in part thanks to Moog Music, which released the first relatively affordable synthesizer in 1970. Before that time, most music was played by live instruments. Edd Kalehoff used the Moog Synthesizer for The Price Is Right theme, which is still on the air today. They also used it for a number of other game show themes from that era such as Password and Concentration. When ABC was looking for something different in 1978, Score Productions offered them a Moog-produced news theme. Though it did not stick around as long as the The Price Is Right theme, it certainly is an incredibly memorable theme.

Score Productions – World News Tonight theme

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