“Vote 2006/08” Theme


Although there was also a more traditional sounding election theme, this piece of music is most closely associated with ABC’s coverage of the 2006 and 2008 elections. It continued to be used thereafter as a secondary election theme. However, to be completely factual: this theme is part of VideoHelper’s library (it’s called Presidential Persuasion and can be found on disc 29) but ABC uses a custom version that sounds less threatening and less aggressive. The custom version, as you can hear below, has newer strings and the percussion is slightly different. The volume of the percussion was reduced and it was played straight through, not looped like in the library version. For a few years, ABC World News used a headline bed that is derived from the custom version of this theme. The generic version was used by local ABC stations for their election coverage.

VideoHelper – Presidential Persuasion (generic version)
VideoHelper – Presidential Persuasion (custom ABC version)

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