“Today” Current Open


Just shy of 30 years after its introduction, the Today Show replaced its iconic opener composed by John Williams. The new theme, which has a more modern feel but remains orchestral in nature, is by the custom music division of Warner/Chappell Production Music. NBC attempted twice before — in 1994 and 2004 — to replace the Today’s opening fanfare. Those times it quickly returned. This time around, the new music had a much better reception.

WCPM Custom’s music was gradually introduced to viewers. It’s essentially a variation of the music that Today had already been using for elections and other special broadcasts. Meanwhile, Williams’ music was relegated to just the 7 a.m. open. Bumpers, promos and opens for the other three hours, had been using different music for quite some time.

WCPM Custom – Today open
WCPM Custom – Today open (longer version)
WCPM Custom – Today headline bed

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