“It’s A New Day Today” 2006 Promo


Another image campaign for the Today Show by the folks at 615 Music. The singer is Lisa Bevill. This promo was used to promote Meredith Vieira’s debut as co-anchor of Today in 2006. Customized versions (with partially local lyrics) were done for a number of NBC stations, including those in Atlanta, Miami and San Diego.

615 Music – It’s A New Day Today

Interestingly enough, a version of this campaign was also created with the tagline: “It’s a new hour of Today”. The decision to add a fourth hour was not yet announced, probably not even made, but they did commission the music to promote it. Ultimately a new promo was composed to promote the fourth hour when it debuted a year after this promo music stopped airing.

615 Music – It’s A New Hour of Today

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