“Today” 1998 – 2005 Promo

This is a well known promo campaign used for a number of years: ‘America’s First Family’. It is composed by Jay Stollman, Fred Shehadi, Frank Radice and Peter Primamore. Many local stations had their own version of this promo campaign for their own morning news. Today is actually the most profitable program on television, which is probably why it keeps expanding. During the use of this promo package, Today expendad to an extra hour. In 2000 Today added a third hour. In 2005 the America’s First Family-campaign was dropped in favor of “Live for Today” by country singer Phil Vassar and Randy Wachtler of 615 Music.

Kingsize Music – America’s First Family

Before the third hour of Today, there was Later Today. They used a different theme, set and anchors, but had their own version of the promo above.

Kingsize Music – America’s First Family (Later Today version)

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