Themes from ‘Edd Kalehoff’

“48 Hours” 1988 – 1996 Theme

In 1988 CBS News started a new kind of news magazine: 48 Hours. The show drew its name, inspiration and original format from a CBS News documentary that was titled 48 Hours on Crack Street. The documentary, which attracted high ratings, was about the drug crisis and how it affected neighborhoods. Like the original documentary, the show focussed on showing events that occurred within a time span of 48 hours, hence the name. The format was phased out in the early 1990s and it became more of a standard news magazine. The series was anchored by Dan Rather. This is the theme they used to open the show.

Edd Kalehoff – 48 Hours theme

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“West 57th” Theme

This hip and slick news magazine was started in 1985 as the 60 Minutes for a younger generation. It was named after the address of the CBS Broadcast Center in New York. The show was fast paced and visually flashy but had essentially the same format as 60 Minutes. The program had no main anchor; the correspondents (like Meredith Vieira and Steve Kroft) would introduce their own stories. Despite its popularity and profitability, West 57th faced a lot of internal criticism. Dan Rather was afraid it took away resources from the CBS Evening News and Don Hewitt saw it as a younger rival to 60 Minutes. The program was cancelled in 1989.

Edd Kalehoff – West 57th

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