“Sunday Today” 1987 – 1992 Open


In 1987 the Today Show expanded to six days a week: Sunday through Friday. The Sunday edition was a much more serious show. It was more like a news magazine with thoughtful, reflective pieces that could last eight minutes or so. To differentiate the opening from the weekday version, a synthesized theme was used in conjunction with the regular open from The Mission. It’s a track called Freightways from the KPM Music Library (disc 20, Information Exchange). While it played, notable video from the previous week was shown. The music, which has that unmistakable 80’s sound, was also used as a close. The show was anchored from Washington, D.C. by Garrick Utley and Maria Shriver. The weather was done by someone who Today audiences would get to know quite well over the years: Al Roker. The program shared a studio with Meet the Press. In 1992 Today expanded to 7 days a week and the magazine-style format that Sunday Today used was dropped.

Graham Francis DeWilde – Sunday Today open

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