“Primetime” 2004 – 2008 Theme


Primetime Live in its heyday during the 90’s was a successful hard-hitting and investigative live news magazine. When the program was known as Primetime Thursday its reputation wasn’t as strong according to critics, likely due to the lack of time anchors Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson could afford to spend on the show considering their duties as anchors of Good Morning America. To fix things, in 2004 ABC appointed a prominent producer, tweaked the show’s name and added a whole bunch of anchors. Gibson was dropped as anchor (though he still contributed occasionally) while Sawyer continued to anchor on a rotating basis with Chris Cuomo, David Muir, Cynthia McFadden and John Quiñones. A new theme along with a totally new graphics package was introduced. A year later in 2005 the program dropped the “Live” off of its name, simply being called Primtime. Ultimately the changes failed to revive the news magazine. Starting with the 2006-07 season, Primetime stopped airing as a stand alone program. For a few years afterwards the name returned for special formats (such as Primetime: Crime or Primetime: What Would You Do?).

Edd Kalehoff – Primetime theme

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