“Face the Nation” 2002 – 2009 Theme

Bob Schieffer is the moderator of Face the Nation. He authored an autobiography a few years ago. The book, besides sketching a detailed picture of the media through the better part of 40 years, reveals an unseen side to Schieffer. He claims to be in a war of practical jokes with former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw. At one time he spread the rumor that Brokaw would be replaced on the Today show by Alan Alda (of M*A*S*H fame). In fact, he even sent a phony fan letter to Brokaw stating his displeasure about that. But, Brokaw was not about to let Schieffer win from him, so he read that phony fan letter on the air and concluded by saying: “I’d tell you who wrote it, but you wouldn’t recognize the name.” This theme from Face the Nation has been used from September of 2002 until May 2009 and is composed by Peter Fish.

Peter Fish – Face the Nation theme

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