This website, Network News Music, is dedicated to preserving news themes and promoting a greater level of appreciation and understanding of the art of news theme music.

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I believe this website to be legal based on 17 USCS §107, which states the Fair Use exceptions to the Copyright Act of 1976. This means that permission from the copyright holder is not necessary and therefore not sought.

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Only a small selection of the copyrighted work is featured. News theme music packages generally consist of many cuts, of which only one or two are featured.

All the themes are featured in lower than broadcast quality. This is done to ensure that the copyrighted works cannot be misused. Therefore, the (potential) market value of the copyrighted works is not negatively affected.

Network News Music puts a lot of effort into maintaining good relations with all copyright holders of the music on this website. The owner can be contacted for any questions or concerns that may arise from music featured on this website.