“CBS Evening News” 1991 – 2006 Theme


This theme started being used by the CBS Evening News in 1991 and lasted until September 2006. The theme is most closely associated with the Dan Rather era of the Evening News. However, for a short time Rather had a co-anchor. In 1993 CBS made Connie Chung the co-anchor, thereby making her the first female since Barbara Walters to anchor a nightly network newscast. The pairing was not a success. There was speculation that it was a mere ratings ploy and Rather was not happy sharing the spotlight with someone. Within two years Dan Rather was anchoring alone again. This theme was also used on the CBS Morning News. It is composed by Patterson, Walz and Fox Music Productions. Although it contains the signature melody of the former theme by Trivers/Myers, all the other music is original. The three composers were after a bigger-than-life sound that transcended the local news themes with a grand sound.

Patterson, Walz & Fox – CBS Evening News close

This is the open without voiceover as used on the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. During Bob Schieffer’s interim run the open was shortened by cutting out a few seconds in the beginning of the open.

Patterson, Walz & Fox – CBS Evening News open
Patterson, Walz & Fox – CBS Evening News headlines

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