Themes from ‘Meet the Press’

“Meet the Press” 2005 – 2012 Theme

This is the very subtly updated Part IV of The Mission, used for Meet the Press and special reports. As the longest running program on television, Meet the Press often digs into its vast archives in a segment called “Meet the Press Minute”. Usually its a historical clip related to the events of the present day. In 2011 John Williams was again commissioned to do a (small) refresh of The Mission. The changes are again subtle.

John Williams – Meet the Press theme

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“Meet the Press” 1990 – 2005 Theme

This theme, part IV of The Mission, was originally intended for the 1986 midterm elections. In 1990 it was adopted by Meet The Press as its main theme and in 1993 it started to be used to introduce special reports. It’s called the “Pulse of Events”. After the orchestra played it for the first time during the session to record it, the musicians liked the theme so much that they unexpectedly broke out in applause.

Meet the Press, having begun its radio run in 1945 and making its debut on television two years later, is the longest running show in the history of television. The original format consisted of a panel of journalists asking the guest questions, much like a press conference. When Tim Russert started his run as moderator, the format was changed. The panel was replaced with a single moderator who asked all the questions. To this day, with Chuck Todd as moderator, that is still the format used.

John Williams – Meet the Press theme (The Mission, part IV – The Pulse of Events)

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“Meet the Press” 1987 – 1990 Open

Before Meet the Press adopted the Pulse of Events as its main theme, the show used other cuts from John Williams’ The Mission. At first they used the Nightly News open. At around the time when Chris Wallace started his short sting as moderator, the Sunday morning show used this bumper as an open. As a close, they used Part I of The Mission. I’m not entirely sure if the dates are correct, but this bumper was definitely used in 1988.

John Williams – The Mission bumper 4

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