Themes from ‘Elections’

“America Decides 2020” Theme

For its election night coverage, CBS News used a theme composed by Nick Murray on behalf of MIBE Music. The music has lots of movement and creates a sense of anticipation, a befitting conclusion to a highly charged election between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump. There’s not a lot of melody because when it is used on air, anchors are frequently talking over it. The music was recorded nearly a year before its use on air, in January of 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand.

MIBE Music – America Decides 2020

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“CBS Campaign 2016” Theme

This theme was recorded in late 2015 at the New York studios of Man Made Music. Composer Joel Beckerman referred to it in USA Today as “a hybrid orchestra piece”. There are a lot of samples and synthetic elements that are complemented by live musicians. The theme made its debut at the Democratic primary debate in Iowa that CBS News hosted. It was well liked and was later adopted as the main theme for the CBS Evening News.

Man Made Music – Campaign 2016 theme

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“Inauguration of Barack Obama” Theme

This theme was used for CBS’ coverage of the inauguration of President Barack Obama, anchored by Katie Couric. It is a great variation on the CBS Evening News theme composed by James Horner. While the theme is based on the Horner composition, it’s a production by Joel Beckerman of Man Made Music. Beckerman knows Horner’s theme well because he was previously involved in converting Horner’s music to a music package suited to the needs of a TV broadcast.

Man Made Music – Inauguration theme

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“Campaign ’06” Theme

James Horner’s CBS package is fairly extensive, it literally contains hundreds of cuts. This is the music that CBS used for the election coverage in 2006. From 2008 onwards they used a slightly different theme.

James Horner – CBS News Campaign theme

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“Campaign 2000/02/04” Theme

This theme was used during the last elections that Dan Rather covered for CBS. It’s composed by Michael Colina, who has done all election music for CBS since 1976.

Michael Colina – CBS Campaign 2000 theme

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