Themes from ‘World News Now’

“World News Now” 2004 – 2007 Theme

This theme, composed by Score Productions, was used until at least 2007 but it may have been used until 2008. It’s a more traditional news theme than the other themes that ABC’s overnight newscast has used.

Score Productions – World News Now theme

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“World News Now” 2001 – 2004 Theme

As an overnight newscast, the tone of World News Now can be more relaxed, casual and lighthearted. This theme, composed by JOEDtracks, reflects that. It was actually not originally composed for ABC’s overnight newscast. It was composed in the early 90’s by Joe DeSanctis of JOEDTracks and was called Blueness. To make it fit as a news theme, they went back to the studio and added some elements, such as a big drum sound at the end and an orchestral sting. Once ABC liked the theme, JOEDTracks composed additional music for the show.

JOEDtracks – World News Now theme

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“World News Polka”

Polka music to end a newscast. Weird. What’s the story behind it? Since the beginning World News Now plays random pieces of music leading into the weather. One day they played some polka music and anchor Lisa McRee commented on it, saying that she hated it. Offended viewers wrote in their complaints. As compensation, World News Now asked Barry Mitchell to come on the show and perform a polka. He said he was not only willing to play a polka, but also compose one just for World News Now. The World News Polka was born and you could say that it was an overnight hit! The Polka still airs every last show before the weekend, while the full credits are shown. Over the years there have been many versions of the World News Polka — including one sung by an Elvis-impersonator. These days the polka is often played by a guest artist. Below you will find a couple of the most recognizable versions.

Barry Mitchell – World News Polka (1995)
Barry Mitchell – World News Polka (1999)

After some changes at ABC News, like the departure of Ted Koppel, some lyrics had to be changed. Here’s a later version of the polka.

Barry Mitchell – World News Polka (2008)

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“World News Now” 1992 – 2001 Theme

In 1992 Aaron Brown and Lisa McRee anchored a relatively new type of newscast. It was titled ABC World News Now, designed to give the network news division an overnight presence to compete with CNN, which broadcasts 24 hours a day. In four blocks of 30-minute newscasts (later reduced to three blocks) viewers are given all the day’s news with the inevitable irreverence, wit and sarcasm. It features some reports that did not make World News Tonight, shortened Nightline and 20/20 reports, business news from the BBC and an overview of tomorrow’s papers. The theme music was composed by new-age artist Yanni. The choice for Yanni was not as surprising at it may seem. At the time another new-age artist, John Tesh — who was once part of Yanni’s band but most famous for his stint as anchor of Entertainment Tonight — composed theme music for a lot of NBC Sports programs such as NFL Live and NBA on NBC.

Yanni – World News Now theme

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