Themes from ‘Other’

“Day One” 1993 – 1995 Theme

News magazines are like fashion accessories: one day they are hot; the next they aren’t. And when they are hot, there is no escaping them. They are all over the network schedules. Each network will stretch its news staff to the limits to create more news magazines. Life expectancy is short for most of them. Day One, which is such a failed news magazine, was created to fill a whole in the ABC schedule. True to tradition, the news magazine promised to be different. In this case, it was to feature softer content compared to the investigations and hard news on 20/20 and Prime Time Live. ABC News President Roone Arledge reveals in his book, Roone, that he thought Connie Chung would be a perfect fit as anchor. But that did not work out. Instead the low key but capable Forrest Sawyer served as sole anchor of the program.

Score Productions – Day One theme

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“ABC News Special Report” 1991 – 2013 Theme

“This is an ABC News Special Report.” Whenever breaking news warranted an interruption of regularly scheduled programming, this theme was used. While it is solemn and conveys both importance and urgency, it does not scream hype and sensationalism. It thereby sets the right tone for the coverage that was lead by anchors such as Peter Jennings, Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer. Originally this theme was composed for ABC’s coverage of the Gulf War in 1991.

Score Productions – Special Report theme
Score Productions – Special Report theme (Patriotic)

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“Our World” Theme

“When we remember a time, we remember moments. A kaleidoscope of the sights, sounds and emotions of the way we were. Our World. It’s about time.” That’s how every episode of Our World started. It was a critically acclaimed series that in each episode examined a period of American history. The ratings unfortunately were not good. Our World only lasted for 26 episodes shown during the 1986-87 season. The show focussed mostly on events after World War II because of the availability of archival footage and eyewitnesses. Linda Ellerbee and Ray Gandolf hosted. The theme is composed by Bill Conti.

Bill Conti – Our World theme

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“We’re With You” Promo (news version)

“We’re With You” is the name of the promo campaign that ABC used during the 1984-85 TV season. It’s composed by Richard Lavsky who has also composed a lot of music for ABC News during the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. This version was used to promote the News division’s shows and features the ABC News emblem.

Richard Lavsky – We’re With You (news version) promo

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“Business Brief” 1984 – 1986 Theme

Business Brief was an ABC News Brief featuring only financial news anchored by ABC’s chief economics correspondent, Dan Cordtz. News Briefs were the 30, 60 or 90-second newscasts that would air during entertainment programs. They have now mostly disappeared from the network with the exception of one edition. A 30-second News Brief is still produced each day a few minutes before 3 pm EST, though not all stations carry it. However it’s mostly a promo for World News Tonight. In this day and age, news is rapidly available on the internet and there really isn’t much need for short news summaries anymore. Business Brief aired each weekday at 8:58 pm.

Score Productions – Business Brief theme

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“Directions” 1983 Theme

ABC News Directions was the name for a program that consisted of town hall meetings, talk shows and documentaries that usually had a religious or spiritual theme. It was shown on sunday mornings from the 1970’s to 1985. The theme sounds like a classic ABC News theme from that time period.

Score Productions – ABC News Directions

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“ABC News Closeup” 1982 – 1987 Theme

This is the theme used for a few years on the long running ABC News documentary series titled Closeup. The first documentary that ran under the Closeup moniker aired in 1973. This theme was used from 1982 until 1987.

Score Productions – Closeup theme

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“World News This Morning” Theme

World News This Morning has had a variety of anchors since its debut in 1982, including Steve Bell, Anderson Cooper and Paula Zahn. This theme was used on the first broadcast and on the last broadcast of World News This Morning. However, for about a year they used the World News Now theme. In 1992, after World News Now debuted, production of the two newscasts was merged. World News This Morning was anchored by the same people in the same laid back style. However, the network wanted to differentiate the two. So World News This Morning started using their old theme again and anchors adressed their audience in a more formal way. Without a doubt the theme is a wonderful variation on the classic ABC News theme. In 2006 it was replaced with America This Morning which uses a different theme.

Score Productions – World News This Morning theme

Here’s a bumper that was used even in the latter days of World News This Morning.

Score Productions – World News This Morning bumper

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“Viewpoint” 1981 – 1987 Theme

This program was created in 1981 by Roone Arledge, as were most other ABC News programs of the time period. Viewpoint did not have a regular time slot. It was aired as a series of specials, usually in the place of Nightline and moderated by Ted Koppel. Viewpoint focused on media bias and how issues were covered. There was a live audience present, which was allowed to participate by asking questions to the experts and offering up their own critiques of television news. These two themes were both used for Viewpoint in the ’80s.

Score Productions – Viewpoint theme 1
Score Productions – Viewpoint theme 2

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“AM America” Theme

AM America was the direct predecessor to Good Morning America. Bill Beutel and Stephanie Edwards hosted the show from New York. The news was read by Peter Jennings in Washington. AM America lasted for only a short time (nine months) and was plagued by failure from the very beginning. Original host Bob Kennedy died in the months preceding the debut. And both Beutel and Edwards left the show just months after its debut. In any case, it had a colorful set and colorful graphics with a distinct 70’s disco feel to them. The theme, anything but disco, was commissioned by ABC in 1974 and composed by William Goldstein.

William Goldstein – AM America theme

William Goldstein – AM America bumper

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