Welcome to the *new* Network News Music!


There are some exciting changes to this website to tell you about. First off, however, some great new themes have been added to the website!

The – much requested, I may add – NBC Decision 2010 theme has been posted. It was used for the coverage of the 2012 elections in the beginning but NBC and MSNBC seem to have gone back to Michael Karp’s 2004 election theme. Also new on the website is the current Rock Center open. Both themes are by Gordon Miller, the music director for MSNBC.

From ABC News I added two five-second tags that are played at the end of ABC News broadcasts. They are composed by DreamArtists Studios. Finally, something that was never used on the air but nonetheless belongs on this website has been added. A little over ten years ago Score Productions recorded an expanded orchestral version of the ABC News theme. It was meant to be played in concert halls. They called the piece ‘An American Dream’ and it’s really worth checking out. (Update: It was used on the air. Visitors have pointed out that this music was used for World News Tonight and Good Morning America on the day after lead anchor Peter Jennings passed away.)

Aside from new theme music, also new on Network News Music is a blog. Read on to learn more.

For some time I had been looking for a way to include more news and information on this website. The little blurbs above the themes were getting longer and space was running out. Yet a lot of people were contributing information that I thought visitors of this website would be interested in as well.

That’s why I essentially built a blog on top of the existing website. Starting today Network News Music will be posting regular blog articles on news theme music. Sometimes it will just be a little nugget of news, other times it’ll be a featured article. The first one in the latter category (a look at how the current GMA theme was composed) will be debuting later this week.

It’s not just a chance for me to share more knowledge with you, it’s also an opportunity for more interaction between enthusiasts of news theme music. Feel free to comment on the blog and share your views with other news music fans.

If you’re here just for the music, no problem. In the right-hand corner of the homepage you can always see the latest additions to the news music archive.

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