Themes from This Week, The Lookout and Good Afternoon America added


522051_10150901729792061_1191563769_nA couple of great themes have been added to the website. Recently This Week started using an updated version of its theme music. The new version has some electric guitar riffs that really give George Stephanopolous’s sunday morning show a great ESPN-like vibe.

Also new on the website is the theme music for ABC’s The Lookout, a new kind of news magazine produced by the Nightline team. Like the show, the theme music is different from that of other news magazines. Both these themes are composed by DreamArtists Studios.

And finally, you can now enjoy the theme song used for the GMA-spinoff Good Afternoon America. The show aired for two months last summer. The theme song is written and performed by country music band Little Big Town. It has not been commercially released so this is the only place you can listen to the full song.

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