New themes added from The Mission, Chris Matthews Show, 20/20, NBC’s 1986


img_1Just as I was working on this update for the website, it was announced that the Chris Matthews Show would be leaving the air later this year. I was just about to post the two themes that the show has used in its eleven year history. The syndicated show uses a cue from John Williams’ masterpiece The Mission, the theme for NBC News, as its open since 2009. It was actually the music that was intended for NBC Nightly News. When the show debuted in 2002 it used music by Joel Beckerman’s company, Man Made Music. Both themes are great to listen to!

I also posted the very nicely done current 20/20 theme which is composed by DreamArtists Studios as we reported at the time.

Finally, we have obtained the full version of the theme music used by one of the many short-lived NBC news magazines in the 1980’s: 1986. The show, hosted by Roger Mudd and Connie Chung, lasted for only twenty episodes. The theme certainly doesn’t sound like a traditional news theme.

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