New NBC News Now theme added


On Monday, March 13th, NBC News Now launched a new show, Stay Tuned Now with Gadi Schwartz. It’s the rare national primetime news show based in Los Angeles, airing daily on NBC News’ digital channel. It’s an extension of NBC News’ mobile-first, Gen Z news brand, Stay Tuned. The theme is composed by Matthew Sikora and Elizabeth Forde alongside creative direction by the production team, as well as Current Music’s Producer/Composer, Maddie Madsen. This is the third theme that Current Music has produced for NBC News Now.

NBC News Now has really developed its own identity. Their presentation style is a lot more laid back. Anchor Hallie Jackson regularly wears sneakers for example. The writing is very conversational. The graphics are bright and colorful. And the theme music is very high energy, incorporating lots of pop elements that aren’t traditionally associated with news music. For the Stay Tuned Now theme, anchor Gadi Schwartz suggested incorporating breakbeats.

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