Fresh new look, lots of new themes!


I’m excited to launch a complete redesign of Network News Music! The site has been online for 21 years and has had the same basic layout for the past ten. But trends in web design have changed radically in that time. With a fresh new look, there is more room for pictures. And text is easier to read thanks to a larger font and more white space. I’ll be tweaking some things in the weeks and probably months to come, as I am not yet completely satisfied. Feel free to let me know what you like or dislike.

Of course new music has also been added. The new theme for CBS Mornings by Antfood has been added, both the weekday and Saturday editions. It incorporates the Sunday Morning theme, Abblasen, thereby (again) connecting the weekday show to the beloved Sunday edition.

Past incarnations

Thanks to my friend Terry Wilkie from the Museum of Television Production Music I am able to add themes from past incarnations of CBS’s morning show. The theme from the short-lived 1987 Morning Program, the first CBS This Morning theme from 1987 and an additional track from CBS This Morning’s 1996 theme by the late Peter Fish.

Some other recognizable themes have also been added to the archive. The new CBS News Special Report theme, the opening that Good Morning America used from 2000 to 2003 by NJJ Music, the Face the Nation theme from 2015 after Bob Schieffer left, the NBC News at Sunrise theme from 1983 and Shelly Palmer’s theme for The News with Brian Williams, shown on MSNBC starting in 1996. As always, thanks for stopping by!

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