CBS Evening News, CBS Mornings and Today


Last year’s new theme for the CBS Evening News became a fan favorite the minute it debuted. It’s a reworking of the classic Trivers/Myers theme that CBS has used at various points since the late eighties. This version is produced by the NYC-based music production company Antfood. You can now listen to the full version on this website.

Antfood is also responsible for the sound of CBS Mornings. The original Eye Opener at 7 (which was replaced by the previous theme after a month) and the Eye Opener at 8 have been added. Both prominently contain the “This is CBS”-mnemonic.

The current Today Show open used for the 7 a.m. hour, has also been added. The previous version I had on here was slightly longer and different from the mix used on air. I’ve left the other one for you to enjoy as well. Also some older NBC News promo’s have been added that were produced by 615 Music: We’re Everywhere, There’s More Today Everyday, Why I Love Today, Your Day is Today.

Finally, a reader came across this interview with legendary composer John Williams from 1985. It’s one of the few not focused on his movie scores but on his work for NBC News. He talks about why he considers writing music for news daunting (“you can’t make it louder”) and if he considered incorporating the NBC chimes. Well worth five minutes of your time.

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