“1986” Theme


1986 was NBC’s fourteenth attempt in seventeen years to launch a successful newsmagazine. It debuted in June of 1986 and lasted for only twenty broadcasts. The co-anchors were Roger Mudd and Connie Chung, who left NBC News at Sunrise to join 1986. The idea behind this news magazine was to emulate the hipper news magazine on CBS that debuted a year earlier, West 57th. 1986’s zippier format was reflected in the on-air appearance of the show. The studio was big and bare with no traditional anchor desk in sight. Instead Chung and Mudd sat on an L-shaped bench. The theme music wasn’t traditional either. It didn’t contain the usual brass and heavy percussion. Instead it primarily features drums and bass with some synthesized flourishes to keep it interesting. Richard Honoroff is the composer.

Richard Honoroff – 1986 theme

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