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    ABC’s This Week debuts new theme

    Earlier this month This Week debuted new theme music, once again composed by DreamArtists Music. The new theme has been added to this website.

    It is quite a departure from the past. The theme to This Week has always been a particularly harmonic and melodic driven work. This time, according to Matthew Kajcienski of DreamArtists Music, ABC execs wanted a track in which the backbone was completely percussive-driven.

    Alongside the new music, the opening graphics were completely revamped. As NewscastStudio notes, the new look has some visual connections to ABC’s political drama, Designated Survivor.

    You can listen to the new theme here.


    GMA debuts theme with a bigger, bolder sound

    Good Morning America debuted a new theme a few weeks ago that has a bigger and bolder sound. With the addition of Michael Strahan as co-anchor, ABC was looking to replace the more pop-centered theme that debuted in late 2015.

    The new theme is again composed by DreamArtists Music. The theme combines large-scale orchestral elements with electronics, a sound that DreamArtists Music is well known for creating in the ABC News division

    You can listen to the new theme right here.


    Michael Karp revises legendary NBC election theme

    160115-decision-2016-mn-1000_3c14d6e5b6bf914eb9540e0bf6278236-nbcnews-fp-1200-800For the 2016 election composer Michael Karp revised his legendary election theme for NBC News. The original had been in use since 2004. Karp added a new thematic section, a new vamp section and other minor revisions. It was heard on NBC for the “Commander-In-Chief Forum” in September and is used on MSNBC throughout the day as the primary election theme. It has now been posted to Network News Music.

    (Sidenote: you can browse all the election themes on this website when you follow this link.)

    Two other themes have also been added to the website. You can now listen to the CBS News Nightwatch theme that was used in the last few years of the show’s existence. And the classic CBS News Special Report theme from the early 90s is now also on the site. Both are composed by Edd Kalehoff.


    New CBS Evening News theme added

    CBS Evening News 2016When the new CBS election theme premiered late last year, it was received very well. It is based around three orchestral stabs that are very memorable. Since last night it has become the main theme for the CBS Evening News. You can listen to the full theme right here on this website.

    Along with the new music, the new opening includes footage from CBS journalists in the field and shots from the control room (including director TJ Asprea). The combination of the new music and graphics give the broadcast a more urgent feel. (See Scott Pelley’s report on the new theme.)

    CBS wasn’t alone in commissioning a new election theme. NBC’s Today has used its own election theme since 2010. Their theme by Non-Stop Music has been updated.

    The 2016 election is in full swing and that means we are hearing a lot of election themes on TV these days. Many can already be found on this website. In fact, you can see a list of all the election themes we have right here.

    As a little bonus, here’s the CNN election theme. I have not been able to identify the composer. The music was first used for the 2008 election.

    Unknown composer - CNN Election Theme

    Finally, there is also one non-election theme that has been added to the archive on this website. It’s the current theme for The View by Flavorlab.