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    GMA debuts new theme music on eve of 40th anniversary

    abcgma15On the eve of the show’s 40th anniversary, ABC’s Good Morning America relaunched with a new theme music and graphics package. As with previous themes, Matthew Kajcienski of DreamArtists Music composed the music. This marks the first time in just under four years that the long running, top rated morning show switched themes.

    The new music combines elements of contemporary pop and EM rhythms with a symphonic/concert music foundation for which DreamArtists and Kajcienski is known.

    They have been keeping busy at DreamArtists Music. Kajcienski won an Emmy this summer for a branding piece he wrote for Hearst Television stations. Also, in partnership with Springboard Tracks, Kajcienski created the feature branding campaign song for the ABC Television Network. A full length version of the song – featuring vocalist/song writer Taylor Carroll – will be released soon by ABC and will be available for download.

    Update: The theme has been added to the website. You can listen to it here.


    The surprisingly addictive theme music of fake news

    dailyshowlogoComedy Central’s fake news shows are becoming as iconic as the shows they were meant to parody. Due to some remarkable genre choices, their theme music is equally memorable. Whether you compare The Daily Show’s theme to a traditional big band late night theme or an orchestral news theme, it stands out.

    The Daily Show has used the same theme for the past fifteen years and so it was only logical not to change a winning formula when new host Trevor Noah took over. The theme is performed by the band They Might Be Giants and originally written by Bob Mould. The name? “Dog on Fire.”

    Since this theme debuted in the early days of the Jon Stewart era, the show has become less of a parody newscast and more straight forward comedic commentary. But the theme still fits so well. The electric guitar and heavy percussion give it an alternative rock feel and contribute to the rebellious nature of the show.

    They Might Be Giants - The Daily Show full close

    Earlier this year Larry Wilmore took over Stephen Colbert’s old time slot following The Daily Show. The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore uses a theme that prominently features a guitar riff that is emphasized by the host appearing to play it in the opening montage.

    Marc Bonilla - The Nightly Show full theme

    The auxiliary cuts of the package contain different styles of music, mostly genres that are considered to be traditionally black music. The bed that is played during the cold open, for example, is greatly influenced by R&B. The close on the other hand is very jazzy. This unique blend of musical styles sets the show apart from other late night comedy shows.


    CBS This Morning, CBS Radio Sports, Nightline, The View added to the website

    2320945483_ctm_eye_opener_logo_640x360_2320945624Some great new additions have been added to Network News Music!

    One of the most requested themes in recent years was the CBS This Morning theme. In particular, the Eye Opener was quite popular. That is the 90-second piece of music that plays while a montage of the day’s news is shown. You can now listen to the full piece of music.

    I’ve added the 1967 CBS Radio Sports sounder to the website as well. It’s a variation of the news sounder that was used at the same time.

    Also new is the Nightline theme that debuted last summer. It replaced the classic theme by VideoHelper that was heard daily for almost ten years.

    Finally, I’ve added a page for ABC’s The View. The daytime show officially became part of ABC News last year. Four different versions of the theme music, going back to 1999, have been added.


    Holiday Gift Tip: Joel Beckerman’s The Sonic Boom

    ISC_Calrec_TheSonicBoom_coverLooking for a great last minute Christmas gift?

    Joel Beckerman’s The Sonic Boom is a great book for anyone who wants to learn how music and sound in general affects what we do. Beckerman is the founder of Man Made Music and produced news music for CBS News and NBC News.

    When you think of sizzling fajitas, you will likely think of the restaurant chain Chili’s. The sizzling sound is what Beckerman calls a boom moment. He defines boom moments as instances in which a sound triggers a multi-sensory experience. The sizzling fajitas make you take notice. You turn your head to see what is causing the sound and you get hungry.

    Because we react faster to sound than to all other stimuli, sound is the most efficient way to convey a message. Yet it is often ignored by even the smartest people, argues Beckerman. Much of his book is spent on explaining how you can use it to your benefit.

    The book doesn’t go into much detail about Beckerman’s work for CBS News and NBC News. He produced John Williams’ 2004 updates to The Mission, as well as James Horner’s 2006 work for CBS News. As a fan of news theme music, that is of course slightly disappointing. But he does devote a chapter each to his music for Univision and the Superbowl on NBC.

    Aside from that, Beckman offers a lot of corporate examples — Apple, AT&T, Mister Softee — that are described vividly. The Sonic Boom is exceptionally well written. You will never listen to sound the same way again.